Light-Cure (formerly Aqua Bond) Bonding Kit

Product no.: CLLC

Most effective when used with Cusp-lok Chain & Mesh brackets, our Light Cure bonding agent (formerly called Aqua Bond) provides excellent bonding strength in a wet or dry environment. When used with the chain & mesh, it allows the bonding agent to be completely cured instead of just the perimeter of the bracket. The operator can also apply a thin film of composite to the outer surface of the bracket pad, further ensuring bonding strength. Shelf life of 1 1/2 years.

Kit includes:

•Assure composite (formerly called Aqua Bond composite)

•Assure sealant (formerly called Aqua Bond sealant)

•Etchant gel

•Etchant sponges

•Mixing pads

•Mixing spatulas

•Sealant brushes

$130.00 / kit(s)

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